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FTS Ltd Environmental Policy

FTS is a small tree contracting company providing tree planting, pruning, felling, stump removal and tree management services in the North West, but we do more.

We also supply timber to local craft clubs, turners, carvers, chainsaw sculptors, artists, cabinet makers, schools, community groups and local authorities. Any remnants go to power generation via power stations for woodchip or the local firewood for local markets.

Our main areas of impact on the environment in increasing significance are:

  1. General office and yard activities – Energy use to recycling of consumables
  2. Vehicle and plant use – Fuel and maintenance
  3. Arisings – The materials that our work generates

For over 25 years we have strived to tackle the third of these impacts by maximising the environmental and social value of this material.

To achieve our goals we will:

  • Continue to develop drop-off sites around the North West so that local materials can be used locally thus minimising local community transport;
  • Promote the use of recycled timbers and other recycled materials in the built environment;
  • Promote efficient driving practices to our staff;
  • Proactively challenge and improve our own office energy efficiencies such as use of power shut-down devises on computer systems and general energy saving devises and practices in line with the Carbon Smart programme;
  • Increase electronic communications with our clients to reduce paper and postage;
  • Challenge, where possible the energy inefficient unwanted marketing via junk mail, email, phone calls and faxes;
  • Continue to work with the local authorities and local communities to promote the local economy;
  • Demonstrate by example that positive environmental considerations make good direct and indirect common sense business policies

As a business we respect the requirements of various environmental laws from wildlife conservation to waste management, but, as explained above, we take our responsibilities further as we are well placed to make a positive impact on community challenges

Not only are our environmental challenges changing rapidly but our local and national communities are changing their attitudes to carbon use. We will review our Environmental Policy annually.

Chris Frankland
Director Frankland Tree Service Ltd
14th August 2012